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 “Click here to see the SAVE RALPHIE! Press Release”

is not only a rallying cry to unify members of the extended University of Colorado family --- over 750,000 CU students, faculty, staff, alumni, and other supporters throughout Colorado, the United States, and beyond --- but also is a metaphor for the need to provide strong, new, bold leadership at the University of Colorado which embraces traditions --- exemplified by Ralphie --- while successfully propelling the University into our rapidly-changing future via adaptation, innovation, and inclusion.

-- Aaron Harber,

   Candidate for CU Regent

“Ralphie is the lynchpin to a great CU tradition that brings everyone in the CU family together.  No other college can produce the excitement of seeing Ralphie run the length of the field --- energizing the crowd, the team, and everyone watching the game across the entire country.  I hope everyone supports Aaron’s effort to save Ralphie by signing the petition. Go Buffs!” 

- Hale Irwin, winner of 20 PGA Tour events & 45 Champions Tour victories

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